Though performed by Eminem 8 Mile Road is really a song written by his character in the film, B. Rabbit. It's interesting to view the parallels involving the two: the family struggles, concern for youngsters (Eminem's daughter and Rabbit's little sister), a whacked out mother, and a wife/girlfriend that's driving him nuts. You can see these tensions during the entire movie, though Eminem 8 Mile Road addresses these problems in a fashion that only he can do: with a fluid delivery and interesting wordplay.

Have you had a rapper come at you inside your freestyle rap battles with many sharp, fast and crisp rhymes? Have you been impressed while using speed from which some rappers can deliver their battle lines? Are you wanting to improve the pace that you simply delivery your raps? If so, continue to read because that maybe what we are going to discuss today.

True. But exercise keeps your lungs strong, therefore you can freestyle longer without struggling for air. How many rappers have you seen live which were an entire disappointment on account of breath control? I rest my case. Before they got famous, Outkast accustomed to practice their verses while rapping, which helped them perform live. Basically, if you wish to kick a dope freestyle rap, you need air. I can't have more basic than that.

Delivery. Freestyle battles are lots of showmanship, as well as the MCs should deliver their lines cleanly. I've seen rappers get huge applause from the crowd not since the punchline was extraordinary, but because they said it like they meant it! Conversely, a deadly punchline is worthless in case you are since the mic using your hand. Focus on delivery.

Practice Battling Anything - It doesn't really appear it is, battle it. It could be a poster for the wall or maybe your little sisters baby doll. Whatever it's you have to suppose it might reply back so you should really let it get it. If you are battling your little sisters bay doll you ought to be discussing how small jane is and she's made from plastic. I know this may seem stupid but believe me this can be another exercise that could really help your creativeness if it's time for you to really get down.