How to Win Freestyle Rap Battles Even As a Noob

posted on 08 Aug 2015 09:28 by oceanicresidenc61
If you are reading this article it is likely you are trying to find solid facts about learning how to freestyle rap. Believe it or not you will find there's sought after demand for quality info on this extremely popular subject. One question that lots of everyone has and maybe you might have is, may i really figure out how to freestyle rap? Well had you been one of those folks that had this question I am here to offer you a better solution, and the result is you actually can!

First try talking for ten minutes without rhyming and with no beat. For newbies this can be quite difficult. With practice it's easy to believe it is possible. When you get the hang of this start adding some words that rhyme and give it some structure as lines. At this point there is no need to own flow. For now it will be difficult enough getting the words to rhyme. After a few months with this you'll be pretty good so it will be time for you to begin some impromptu freestyling. Freestyle about anything and everything. When you make breakfast - concerning the bread. On your way to school - Freestyle about your exam.

True. But exercise keeps your lungs strong, so that you can freestyle longer without struggling for air. How many rappers perhaps you have seen live which are a whole disappointment because of breath control? I rest my case. Before they got famous, Outkast used to practice their verses while rapping, which helped them perform live. Basically, if you want to kick a dope freestyle rap, you need air. I can't read more basic than that.

2. Keep your eyes skyward when rapping. Perhaps this sounds a little odd, but this trick has got some science into it. When you look skyward within a freestyle, you're addressing two elements of your mind: your memory along with your creativity. Cops have known this for a long time: if someone else looks around the best while talking, they're most probably lying (because they are accessing their creativity), whereas whenever they turn to the left they're probably telling the truth (because they may be searching their memory). How can this help your freestyles? By keeping your eyes skyward, both your memory and creativity are stimulated. I tried this system which has a group of students and they instantly improved their freestyle. Try and discover for yourself.

Flow having a few rhymes first and then spit your punch line. Make sure that the powerful line disses the opponent. Have the content contain a diss to one of his flaws. This should exaggerate either his weakness or exaggerate his strength to the stage it looks ridiculous. The rhyme with the greatest exaggeration will be the punch line.