How to Win a Freestyle Rap Battle

posted on 26 Aug 2015 08:03 by oceanicresidenc61
As a hip-hop producer I am around a lot of rappers. I am constantly working with artist that eat, sleep and breathe rap. This is one of the main reasons that I feel allowed to help those who are wanting to understand how you can rap and undertake it well. You should definitely understand that learning the best way to rap can be done but it will take some work especially if you can be a complete newbie, however, there is no need to worry it is very doable. In this article I will give you some simple steps you can use to get you rapping in a very fairly short time period.

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Step 1: Master the Basics There are three areas in the rap you need to cope with: The delivery, rhyme scheme and world play. Delivery - The delivery of one's words includes the flow, cadence and tone of one's voice. You must manage to have a beat and make up a rhythm. Speak clearly. Make sure you sound out all of the words. Be cool. Your choice of language must be fluid. Your words should literally flow while you transition between literary devices. Your distinct style as a rapper will be developed in part through your delivery.

In your words which might be rhymed perfectly, your words must not be the same length and must not be spelled the identical, however, you will find that last accented vowel along with the consonants or syllables following your last vowel will be a similar. All of the consonants before this vary. Let's look at some situations: can, ban, fan, Dan and ran.

For anyone considering looking over specific battle rappers, I highly suggest (as well as those stated previously) Eyedea, DZK, Brother Ali, Wordsworth, Jin, Ras Kass and Kanye West (just kidding). If you get a chance, the bonus Eminem rap battles on 8 Mile (the genuine freestyle battles, not the movie ones) are worth checking out at the same time.

Flow using a number of rhymes first and then spit your punch line. Make sure that the powerful line disses your attacker. Have the content contain a diss to a single of his flaws. This should exaggerate either his weakness or exaggerate his strength to the level who's looks ridiculous. The rhyme with all the greatest exaggeration would be the punch line.